How to Schedule a Reboot for Zyxel AP

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With the introduction of Nebula Phase 17.20, a new feature has been added to resolve some IoP (Interoperability) issues.

Supported Models: NWA50AX, NWA55AXE, NWA90AX, NWA50AX PRO, NWA90AX PRO, and WBE660S.

Steps to Schedule a Reboot:

  1. Direction: Devices > Access point > Select an AP > Status, choose Maintenance
  2. Enable the schedule, and select the specific date and time you want to reboot the AP.

By following these steps, you can schedule a reboot to tackle IoP issues, enhancing the interoperability and overall performance of your network setup.


Check the log at Monitor > Access point > Event log. The reboot by schedule is recorded "Device is rebooted by scheduler!"

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