my router SCR 50AXE always booting.

SCR 50AXE is security router base-on cloud management, this router is very so many problem. it's auto reboot every times. The longest time I could use it was 2 hrs.

I confirm it's not related about my ISP. because I have another access point. it still normal. (I have connected with DHCP mode.)

I try to fix with myself about 1-2 days because support Thailand is very bad. but I can't do anythings. I would like to use diagnostic logs and sent to support but I can't do that, because this router is down.

How can I do. Please help?

I have very very bad experience on this router. :(

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    Hello @PMPINGPC

    Welcome to the forum.

    There is a Nebula support forum that might be of use to you, and have more knowledgeable people on Nebula than me. is the Local GUI User Guide for the SCR 50AXE device, and has some troubleshooting tips.

    One of the troubleshooting tips is to Reset the Zyxel device to its factory defaults.

    - This might be helpful, because you could then apply configuration changes a bit at a time and see when the device becomes unstable.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards,


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