How to disable DHCP settings and set the LAN2 port as a locally managed port?

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Scenario :

This article will guide you on how to disable DHCP settings and set the LAN port as a locally managed port for better security for you.

Answer :

For example, if the user wants to restrict administrator access to only lan2 for firewall management, they should navigate to Configuration > Networks > Interface > Ethernet > lan2 and configure the IP address as with DHCP set to None.

Kindly Reminder :

Since lan2 does not have a DHCP server setting, the PC needs to be configured with a static IP address in the same domain as the lan2 interface's IP, such as Afterward, you can connect to the lan2 port using a web browser and enter the URL to access the local Web-GUI page. Besides, please ensure the security policy from LAN2 to Zywall can be allowed by the security policy.