How to enable 2FA by email for login

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To enhance the security of your account, you can enable 2FA to protect your account.

You can complete the 2FA by email through the steps below:

  1. Click the icon on the upper right corner and navigate to the "Management Account"
  2. Click "Two-Factor Authentication"
  3. Turn on the switch
  4. Choose "Email Verification", and enter the six-digit code which sent your email and click "Verify"
    If you did not received the email, it is suggested that you click "Resend" for the five minute gap
  5. Please enter your backup mail, and click "Next"
  6. Please check your main mail and backup mail, if there's no problem, click "Save"
  7. The system requires you to enter the six-digit code when your next login. If the main email is not available, you can click "Use Backup Email Address", then system will send the mail to your backup mail

Once you enter the correct code and click "Verify", you'll login to successfully!