Zyxel Network Detective: Hunt the Network Error Challenge

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Are you a fresh face stepping into the world of networking?

Brace yourself for an immersive journey that will build your hands-on skills and real-world troubleshooting experience.

Or perhaps you're an experienced engineer who is leading the way in the field.

Join us to illuminate the stage with your years of expertise and unveil your mastery to the world.

Join the Detective Mission

Calling all networking enthusiasts, beginners, and experts!

Test your skills and uncover network errors in our network detective challenge game.

Beginners are welcome; no experience required.

The rules are simple, and we will provide all the information need to get started.

Don't wait - register for the challenge, win prizes, and connect with fellow networking enthusiasts!

Join the Hunt Now

Nov. 1 – 15

Case 1: Crack the Case for Switch

Nov. 16 – 30

Case 2: Crack the Case for WiFi Network

Dec. 1 – 15

Case 3: Crack the Case for Firewall

Eyes on the Prizes

Join the excitement with our fantastic prizes! They are revealed every two weeks after we publish the error and answer for each bi-weekly challenge.

Get it right, and you'll earn:

One New Badge for Three Cases Participants

  • Badge of Honor for Community

Bi-weekly Prizes

  • (Case 1) One ZCNE Coupon
  • (Case 2) One ZCNE Coupon + One 5% Marketplace Discount Code
  • (Case 3) One ZCNE Coupon + One 5% Marketplace Discount Code + One Extra 10% Marketplace Discount Code

Please note that answers for each case and prize announcements follow Zyxel's Terms and Conditions