How to configure LAN3 zone on USG20(W) and USG Flex 50(W) models?

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Because USG20(W) and USG Flex 50(W) don't have LAN3 zone by default. I the user wants to add a LAN3 zone to manage the LAN clients more flexibly how to deploy it?


If the customer would like to use P3 for the LAN3 zone with IP and DHCP server, please refer to the below steps:

Configuration > Object > Zone > To add a new zone named LAN3.

Configuration > Interface > Port > To adjust guest to P3.

Configuration > Interface > Ethernet > To rename guest to lan3.

And set its IP address to

Set DHCP server-related settings.

Configuration > Security Policy > To add a policy to allow LAN3 outgoing traffic can access the internet.

Then the user can get a DHCP IP from the LAN3 and access the internet.