How to configure VLAN trunk on GS1900?

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VLAN trunk function allows frames belonging to unknown VLAN groups to pass through the switch. This saves the user's time in configuring multiple switches.

This FAQ is going to guide how to configure the VLAN trunk on GS1900.


Here use GS1900-8 as an example, and assume both GS1900-8 use port 8 as uplink and port 7 as downlink.

Both PCs are connected to AP’s SSID in VLAN 100 & 200.


  1. Configure SSID please check Understanding VLAN Settings on Zyxel AP — Zyxel Community for standalone and [Nebula] How to create SSID and set security? — Zyxel Community for Nebula mode
  2. Configure the VLAN interface on the firewall, please check How to configure a VLAN interface with DHCP server in on-premise mode firewall? for on-premise/Nebula monitoring mode and [ATP/FLEX] How to configure a VLAN interface with DHCP server in Nebula mode? for Nebula cloud mode
  3. Configure VLAN trunk on both GS1900-8:
    Navigate to Menu > configuration > VLAN > VLAN > Port to check ports 7 & 8 and click the edit button.

    Check enable on VLAN Trunks and apply.


Use the command “ipconfig” to check if the PC gets an IP address from the firewall.

VLAN 100:

VLAN 200:

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