How to create an account to enjoy Zyxel's service

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Zyxel provides multiple services to our users.

You can enjoy the service through a account.

In this post, we're leading you to complete the registration of the account.

Step 1:

You can click the URL below to the main page:

And please click "Create account"

Step 2:

Then, please enter your personnel information in the blank, and hit "Create Account"

Step 3:

Then it's a notice to let you know we're sending a activation email to the mail address you entered.

Step 4:

Find the activation mail in your mail box (don't forget to check the spam box too), and click "Activate Account"

Step 5:

After you click the "Active Account" button, the page will direct you to set your password. Please follow the restrictions and enter your password.

Step 6:

After that, the system will check whether you want to enable the Two-Factor Authentication.

You can click the URL below to know more Two-Factor Authentication:

If you don't need the Two-Factor Authentication, you can click Skip for now. You can change the setting anytime.

Step 7:

Once you click the "Skip", you'll direct to

Congratulations, you have completed the account registration!