usg20w-vpn drops internet on wan interface every 45 minutes



running usg20w-vpn with latest firmware. this setup was working for years behind a surfboard8200 modem and comcast internet. we upgraded service to 500mb and now internet signal drops after 45 minutes and does not return w/o reboot. comcast says it is firewall. how can i get more details from firewall device?

when internet drops, i can connect to usg web interface from internal devices still when at office.

any thoughts on what may be occurring or direction to research?


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  • udoc
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    …I also tried with comcast business modem in router mode and cascade to usg but usg still drops.

    tried comcast device in bridge mode and drops. tried a different netgear brand router also and still dropped at 45 minutes.

  • PeterUK
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    Do pings drop? Run

    ping -t

    Do a packet capture on USG for the WAN note make captured packet files size big then when it drops on a idle connection with ping look at ARP the DHCP

    another thing you can do is put a switch between modem and USG to see if thats stable.

  • Zyxel_Jeff
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    Hi @udoc

    We suggest you check the monitor log(Monitor > Log) to see if there are any suspicious logs during the internet drop. Besides, when the internet drops which device do you reboot it? Is the usg20w-vpn or SURFboard 8200 modem?

    Here's an unusual situation: even if you use a different brand of router, the internet still drops every 45 minutes. This could be related to the ISP environment or the modem. Thanks.

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