Latest DX3301-T0 firmware missing SSH help

I recently bought a DX3301-T0 router which I was initially very happy with but recently I was experiencing frequent hangs* to both wired and wireless clients (though not at same time - either wired or wireless).

On Monday I found that there was newer firmware 5.50(ABVY.4)C0 so thought it was worth upgrading to see if that improves things.

Before upgrading I was exploring the SSH interface to see if I could automate weekly/daily restarts (unfortunately not available as config option - even my really old previous Belkin router had this). However after upgrading the SSH interface doesn't have any help available so all I can remember is "ZyCLI reboot" which works.

I'm guessing some files have been missed from the latest firmware update.


*by hangs I mean client connection drops and pings to internal router IP address don't work. If using my work laptop with dual connection (wired and wireless) I can disable the active one and can continue working (pings restart). This is with no change to router config. After a few minutes the hung connection unhangs itself.

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    I think there's something wrong with your network interface (wired and wireless), maybe you can find another laptop and double check.

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    In this prompt enter only a small "z" or "zycli" and you will get a informative menu . Then add for example topics for wan and command "wan show default" and you will get the correct answer .

    Yes, some topics dont work without a pre "z" or "zycli" and give out " Invalid input ! "

    But "zycli reboot" does function - you entered "ZyCLI reboot".

    I dont know why this is like that , put please answer success and you reached with your project ….

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