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Originally raised by @Eric11 on June 14 2023, and translated into English by @tonygibbs16 using Google Translate, as follows:

Hello everybody,

Here are my questions/proposals for this NR5101 router.

An interface with the FR language

A possibility of saving the connection on Chrome or Edge because you have to enter login and password each time.

An Android interface that doesn't bug and finds the router on its own. Because for me I have to enter the IP each time.

A flow test that works would be good too.

BUT ABOVE ALL! : a possibility of processing low frequencies on an external antenna! Because for example in France there is a very widespread operator “Free” where the main network is 5G 700mhz. It is very popular because it is the only one to offer unlimited data and serves as compensation for places without fiber.

And the NR5101 manages this frequency correctly with its internal and not external antennas, what a shame!

The router is very efficient and some small "details" of this kind are disappointing. It is one of the only ones to manage all the frequencies and for me all the French frequencies which is great. But why not with the external antenna??? Or am I wrong or have I missed a setting?

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