Problem with IP adressing and localisation via VPN SIM ZyXel LTE3316-M604

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I have my own L2TP VPN configured, I bought a ZyXel SIM router LTE3316-M604 with a built-in VPN. I inserted the SIM card, configured the VPN on router and I connect my computer via the Zyxel router to my VPN network. I can see all the devices, etc. but unfortunately the IP addressing and therefore the location comes from the SIM card and not my VPN. Did I miss something specific? I really want the address of my device to which I connect via the Zyxel router to be from a place where there is a VPN

btw. If I connect directly to my VPN using e.g. a phone or computer, the location is from the place where I have the VPN

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    Hi @Moryo ,

    Did you mean in your usage, you would want not only intranet but internet traffic can go through VPN tunnel ?
    If so , please change L2TP Client> Remote Subnet to instead of intranet subnets.

    thank you.

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