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Does Nebula NSG 100 support geo ip like USG does?
To prevent countries to access firewall.
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Implement on USG Flex series

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    Hello Community!!
    We have implement the Geo IP on USG FLEX, you can find it in USG FLEX> Configure> Routing as the following screenshot, have fun. =)



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    To bad i hope that will come in near future.

    I like when i can block countries, so that they dont gain access for triing to brutforce the way in to the network.
    This is our first NSG, we have always worked with USG series firewall.
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    urgently required

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    why is this not implemented yet?
  • Why is this not implemented on NSG series? I have NSG200 and NSG300 and need this feature.
  • I see it was implemented, but i dont see an ability to 'deny' GeoIP from access.  Do you simply just select the countries and hit save with no other settings?  How are these blocked?

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