[NEBULA] XGS1930 switches not setting correct VLAN upon Cloud connect

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We recently received some XGS1930 switches and wanted to set them up in our network. Our network is running multiple VLANs, with VLAN 10 being the untagged default VLAN. So, in NCC, I added the new switches, and setup their static IP addresses and VLAN 10 as management VLAN. Also, all ports were setup to VLAN 10.

So, when initially started, the new switch connected to our network on the untagged VLAN 10 connection, since it's default VLAN (1) also is untagged. It got an DHCP IP address and connected to Nebula. It downloaded the configuration and rebooted. After that, it came up, but couldn't connect to Nebula any more. Also, I couldn't reach it on our local network.

This happened because the switch did not change it's management VLAN. All other config was set before reboot, but the management VLAN stayed at 1. Since no ports had VLAN 1 untagged, nobody could connect to the switch.

To work around this behaviour, I used NCC to set one of the switch ports to use VLAN 1 untagged. I then used this port as the uplink to our network, and reset the switch to factory defaults. This time, the switch came up in Nebula after the setup reboot, still using VLAN 1 as management VLAN, even though the NCC setup stated otherwise. I then had to use the switch' web config to change the management VLAN, and moved the uplink on the switch to another (VLAN 10-assigned) port. And it worked. The switch was now in Nebula through VLAN 10.

It is probably a bug that the management VLAN is not changed in the initial setup if set in NCC beforehand, but that is how you could do a workaround in a similar setup.

Another (not huge) problem is that NCC does not actually change the device's hostname when we give it a name in NCC. This might lead to some confusion, since all APs and switches show up on the network with default hostnames ("NWA1123-AC", "XGS1930", etc). It would be better if NCC actually changed the device hostnames locally, as well as in the NCC web UI.

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