How to get into John Lewis ZyXEL VMG3925-B10B

Hi everyone,

Can anyone assist with this router, I have two of these I purchased that were unbeknown to me John Lewis Broadband items. Whatever username or password I enter it will not allow me in. I have tried a reset using the button, but that doesn't work either. I am powerless to do anything with it, until I can gain access. Surely there is someone out there who knows what the login credentials are for these particular routers. Would be most grateful if anyone can help. The details on the label will not allow me in either. Thanks.

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    It is recommended to contact your ISP provider or retailer for assistance.

  • I am not able to carry out your suggestion which was the first step I actually thought of. The reason being, my ISP is different to that shown on the router ISP. So my ISP told me the router settings have been locked down by the original ISP of the router. I cannot ask the original ISP of the router the question, as I do not hold a broadband account with them. I was hoping some technician that previously worked for JLB (John Lewis Broadband) may know the required password to gain access to the routers config.

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