How to Specify the Root AP for a Repeater in Mesh Networks

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1. Scenario/Topology/Usage

When setting up a mesh network with multiple Zyxel devices, you may encounter situations where you need to configure specific devices to act as the sole Root or Repeater within the network. Understanding the roles of Root and Repeater APs, and the function of features like "Downlink" and "Manual Uplink," is crucial.

  • Root AP: Named "Root 55AXE" for clarity, this AP has a wired connection to the uplink router/switch.
  • Repeater AP: Named "Repeater 55AXE", this AP connects wirelessly to the Root AP.

2. Configuration Guide

  • Downlink: When enabled on a Repeater AP, it allows the AP to provide downlink capabilities to other repeaters. Disabling this option prevents other repeaters from connecting to it, optimizing bandwidth usage.
  • Manual Uplink: Enables manual selection of a Root AP for a Repeater AP to connect to. This provides more control over the network topology and ensures efficient performance.
    • In this example: Root 55AXE AP is selected as the uplink of Repeater 55AXE.
  • Uplink Auto Failover: If the Repeater AP fails to connect to its selected uplink after 5 attempts, it automatically connects to an alternative AP, ensuring network stability.

3. Verification via Event Logs

Monitor your mesh network at "Monitor > Access points > Event log."

For example, after enabling manual uplink and selecting the "Root 55AXE" AP, the "Repeater 55AXE" disconnects from the former root AP and connects to "Root 55AXE," stabilizing as "Repeater_stable" status.

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