One App to rule them all...


I have a NR7101 and three Multy M1s to put 5G wifi round my house. But why do I need 2 apps, that don't even look like they are from the same company?

I cannot reboot the NR7101 unless I log off my Multy M1 wifi and long directly onto the NR7101's wifi. I can set the NR7101 to reboot every day, (which I have done) but I cannot do that for the Multy M1 set, in fact I cannot even reboot all three Multy M1s from one button press, I have to enter each one separately and press reboot.

Rebooting is such a basic function, why is it so hard to do or automate!

Come on, I'm not the first to suggest this or similar, why are you not getting this sorted?


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