Zyxel lte5398-m904 keeps disconnecting

Hello everyone.
For two weeks now my router has been frequently disconnecting from the LTE network, not allowing me to navigate for a few minutes and sometimes even half an hour. Furthermore, it often happened that I had to restart the router because it didn't want to reconnect. This solution, however, was partial since he often started acting up again shortly afterwards.
I reset the router, updated it to the latest firmware available from the webgui but nothing continues to present the problem.
I did some tests with the SIM in a latest generation smartphone, thinking it was this one, but in the same position as the router it didn't give me any problems so I assumed it wasn't due to this one.
Could anyone help me?

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    Hi @GUAGGIO ,

    Can you share your router fw and module fw? (you can see these info from Firmware upgrade page)

    thank you.

  • Good evening. Sorry for replying now but my commitments have overwhelmed me.
    In the end everything worked out. It would appear that it was the operator who was causing the problems.
    The router was updated to V4 and the latest modem firmware released by Zyxel.

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