Start the Training Courses in Zyxel Education Center

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Zyxel Education Center provides multiple training courses to the user. The courses categorized by the products lines like Nebula, Security, Switch and WLAN. Each Products have Lv1 for the basic operation and the Lv2 for the advanced operator.

To learn more about the training courses, you can click the URL.

It's easy to begin the training courses, you can follow the steps below to start the course!

  1. Navigate to Zyxel Education Center by the URL below, and click "Certification Programs" to review the courses
  2. Choose the which courses you're interested in
  3. For now, we'll use ZCNE Lv1 Security- English as an example. You can click "Enroll" to move to the next page
  4. Click the green bar which with the"Enroll"
  5. Please click "Go Purchase" to purchase the voucher for the training courses, if you already have the voucher, please move to the next step and we have a forum post to show you how to purchase the voucher through the Marketplace:
  6. Once you have the voucher, you can enter the voucher here
  7. If the voucher is available, the Total price will be zero, and please click "Confirm"
  8. Click "Continue" to begin your training courses