EX3301-T0 port forwarding issues


I've just recently had fibre installed and it came with the EX3301-T0 router. I'm having trouble setting up port forwarding and would appreciate some help. I have a NAS that has some functions I want to access from outside my network and on my previous broadband setup I had port forwarding enabled to the appropriate NAS IP and port and it all worked. On the Zyxel I've set up a port forwarding rule to the NAS IP on the same port but I can't get any connection to it from outside my network?

Is there anything else I need to configure to get port forwarding working?

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  • PeterUK
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    if its port 80 or 443 it might be blocked by your ISP or hopefully not the router due to web login port

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    Thanks for the reply. No, it's neither of those those ports. It may still be the ISP though. I've raised a ticket with them, so coming at this from a couple of different directions.

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