How can I retrieve the original update for my device?

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Hello, I was able to update a device, and after the update, many problems occurred with my device

Host Name : zyxel-VMG8828-B50B-Andreock

Model Name : VMG8828-B50B

Serial Number : S2O2V35OO7749

Firmware Version : V5.16(ABRF.0)b4_20220211

I want to restore the original update to the device

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    I suggest you try reset to default settings via the hardware button or contact your ISP for assistance.

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    Hello @Sliman

    You could try the information at

    Or if you have a contract with WindTre then ask them for the original firmware.

    I don't know if the Zyxel VMG8828-B50B is end of life or not.

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  • This article is the one from which I downloaded the new update, and I already upgraded the device, and after upgrading the device there were many problems such as the inability to control the device on 5GHz Wi-Fi? I want to restore the old system. How can I recover the main interface of the device and the system that was in it? I want to erase this new system and restore the old system that was with the device.

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