It's been a week but still no proper answer! How irresponsible is this?

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I think these features should come to VMG3625-T50B and some problems should be solved 😀

I installed abpm8 c0 version but later went back to 7.3 c0 version.

In my opinion, the features that need to be introduced and fixed are;

Manual snr margin adjustment setting should come,(very important)😊

Qos, works in version 7.3 c0, does not work in version 8 c0, pls to fix this.

(i used packet lenght )

Turning the front LEDs on and off,

Providing more control options via the Mpro mesh application (there is a menu in the form of parental control in version 8 c0)

The hidden network still does not turn off, the hidden network is still active in version 8 c0, this should be fixed (even if mpro mesh and wps is turned off)

IPv6 is defined, but some versions can use it, some versions cannot use …

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