GS1900-24 - Latest firmware: Importing p12 certificate fails with error 0x246

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Hello, I'm trying to import a p12/pfx file generated using the following command:

openssl pkcs12 -export -out switch.pfx -in switch.crt -inkey switch.key

on a GS1900-24 switch (Rev. A1, Firmware V2.80(AAHL.0) | 10/16/2023).

However, it always fails with the following alert (see image below too):

Upload certificate failed. Unspecified error(0x246)

I tried several things now but can't get it to work.
Any ideas?

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  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @zyste,

    Thanks for your kind correction. Please allow me to rephrase my previous explanation. After checking I found that GS1900 only supports the RSA algorithm but not the ECDSA algorithm. Could you generate an RSA algorithm certificate file and import it to GS1900?

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