Accessing a GS1900 switch using IPv6 Address

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The objective is to configure and access a switch using an IPv6 address assigned to management VLAN.

Configuration Steps:

  1. Setting Up VLAN100:
    • Navigate to Basic Setting > Interface Setup.
    • Create VLAN100.
  2. IPv6 Configuration:
    • Go to Configuration > System > IP > IPv6.
    • If a DHCPv6 server is present, enable the DHCPv6 Client. However, for management, it's recommend to use a static IPv6 address.
    • Disable Auto Configuration.
    • Enter the IPv6 address and IPv6 gateway.
    • Click "Apply" to save these settings.
  3. Configuring Management VLAN for IPv4/IPv6:
    • The settings for IPv4/6 management VLAN can be found under Configuration > System > IP.
    • After switching to VLAN100, both IPv4 and IPv6 will be assigned to management VLAN100.
    • Click "Apply" to save these settings.
  4. Saving Configuration:
    • It's essential to save the new configuration on the switch to prevent loss of settings after a reboot.

Testing the Configuration:

  1. Verify PC IPv6 NIC Card:
    • Ensure the PC's IPv6 NIC card is enabled and has an IPv6 address.
  2. Connect to VLAN100:
    • Connect the PC to a port that is a member of VLAN100.
  3. Accessing the Switch:
    • Open a web browser and enter the IPv6 address [2001:1:1::1].
    • This should allow you to connect and manage the switch successfully.