Understanding and implementing the Advanced Routing License on the XGS4600 Switch

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This article aims to clarify the purpose of the Advanced Routing license for the XGS4600 switch, detailing how to register and apply this license to your device.


  1. Unlocked Features with the License
  2. Registration Process for the License
  3. License Part Numbers

1. Unlocked Features with the License

The Advanced Routing license unlocks two significant features, which are not available by default:

  • RIPng
  • OSPFv3

It's important to note that OSPF, RIPv1, and RIPv2 are already available without the need for a license. The key distinction with the Advanced Routing license is the support for IPv6 routing protocols - RIPng and OSPFv3. If you're planning to deploy an IPv6 network that requires IPv6 routing capabilities on your switch, obtaining this license is essential.

2. How to Register the License?

To register and link the Advanced Routing license to your XGS4600 switch, you can refer to the guide below.

  • Log into MyZyxel.com with your account.
  • Navigate to Maintenance Management > License Check and enter your license to verify on left menu bar, if your license is not already in used.
  • Go to Service Registration and enter your license key to register the license to your account.
  • Click the “Link” button located under “Status”
  • Choose the device you want to link the license to and press on Submit
  • Open your browser and enter the URL of the device
  • Log in with your credentials (default username: admin, default password: 1234)
  • Go to Configuration > Licensing > Registration > Service and click the Service License Refresh
    You should now be able to see the license linked to the unit.

Once registered successfully, the license status under Management > Service Register will display as "Licensed" and the type as "Standard".

3. License Part Numbers

For reference, the part numbers associated with these licenses are available for review. This information is important for ensuring that you acquire the correct license for your specific switch model.