Guide for managing IP addresses of switches using web GUI and ZON

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This article aims to help administrators manage the IP addresses of their switches effectively using the web GUI or ZON Utility. This approach ensures accurate device access and prevents mistakenly connecting to the wrong switch.


there are two switches in the network, both with the default IP address of Due to identical IP addresses, it's challenging to access switches with duplicated IP address.

1. Configuring Management IP via ZON

  • Download and Open ZON:

  • Select the Switch: In ZON, select the switch whose IP address you want to change.
  • Set the New IP Address: Choose the desired IP address for the switch, with DHCP generally being the preferred choice.
  • Verify the New IP Address in ZON: After setting the new IP address, locate it in ZON.
  • Login via Web Browser: Use the new IP address to log into the switch’s web interface. Default credentials are username 'admin' and password '1234'.

2. Configuring Management IP via Web GUI

  • Disconnect Switches: Initially, disconnect the link between Switch-1 and Switch-2.
  • Configure PC’s IP Address: Set your PC's IP to the same subnet as Switch-2 (e.g.,
  • Access the Web GUI: Open a browser and navigate to Log in using the default credentials 'admin' and '1234'.
  • Change IP Settings: In the web GUI, go to SYSTEM > IP Setup > IP Setup and set the Default Management IP Address as desired (DHCP is recommended here).
  • Save Configuration: After configuring, log back in with the new IP address and save the changes.


  • Log into the web GUI.
  • Navigate to Menu > Basic Setting > IP Setup > IP Configuration.
  • Verify that the IP address is set as DHCP.


Always save your configuration after making changes. If the switch loses power before saving, it will revert to the last saved configuration, which could be the factory default settings.