What switches support Remote Port Mirroring (RMirror)?

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The switch models that support Rmirror is Aggregation Layer 3 switch.

  • XGS4600
  • XS3800

The concepts of Rmirror

In remote port mirroring (RMirror), the mirroring ports and monitor port can be on different devices in a network. You can use it to monitor multiple switches across your network. The traffic from the source device’s mirroring ports is sent to a reflector port for VLAN tagging and copied to the connected ports.

Traffic are then carried over the specified remote port mirroring (RMirror) VLAN and sent to the destination device’s monitor port through the connected ports that connect to other switches.

  • Single-Destination RMirror
    If the mirrored traffic is forwarded to one single destination switch, you can disable the reflector port. The Switch adds RMirror VLAN tag and forwards mirrored traffic from the mirroring port to the connected port directly.