How to Monitor the Device by Client Heartbeat Monitoring with Nebula Mobile Routers

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Overview: Network managers now have the ability to monitor the real-time status of devices connected to specific mobile routers. This feature is designed to offer a comprehensive view of device connectivity and stability.

Supported Models: The feature is compatible with mobile router models FWA510 and LTE3301-PLUS.

To access this feature, navigate to 'Device > Mobile Router' in the nebula page.

  1. Adding a Device for Monitoring:
    • Name: Enter a nickname for your device
    • IP: Enter the IP address of your device.
  2. 24-Hour Connectivity Status:
    • Red: The device is offline.
    • Orange: The device is online but the connection is unstable.
    • Green: The device has a stable and active online connection.
  3. Removing a Device: To remove a device from monitoring, simply click on the trash can icon.