Why does ZON display the IP address as under these conditions?

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1.Mismatched VLAN Configuration:

When a PC is connected to a switch port with a PVID (Port VLAN ID) that differs from the switch's Management VLAN, ZON is unable to display a valid IP address due to the VLAN mismatch. For example, if the switch's management VLAN is 1, but the PC is connected to a port with PVID 100, and you change the IP address to using ZON, this new IP address will be assigned to VLAN 100 on the switch.

2.Layer 3 Switch with Multiple VLAN 1 Configurations:

When scanning a Layer 3 switch that uses the IP address and is also configured with VLAN 1 having both a static IP of and a DHCP client after it boots up, ZON may display

If the Layer 3 switch obtains a DHCP IP address from another device, ZON will display the newly acquired DHCP IP address after scanning. The display can be a temporary state until ZON recognizes the updated DHCP-assigned IP address.