Nebula on Tolly report - facts you should know

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Hello Nebula fellows,

Some of you may have noticed that Tolly released a report sponsored by Netgear last month, comparing Netgear Insight Pro with Zyxel Nebula and Ubiquiti Unifi. Unfortunately, this paid report contains several outdated, incorrect information and analysis of us; here're the facts of Nebula to prove you made the right choice  =)

What’s more important but not mentioned…


  • RUnglaube
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    Well played and thanks for the clarification!

    I'm fine with netgear sponsoring it but why does Tolly need to go sooo bias that makes it this obvious? 
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  • Alfonso
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    Thank you very much for the clarification.

    Customers must be well informed, i agree this channel is great to refute this kind of manipulated report.
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    Probably not manipulated, might be just cherry picking the right stuff for an analysis report.

    I've tried a few so called "cloud-based" networking gadgets before, and to be honest excluding big brother Cisco, most of them are so limited in either features or utility.
    The funniest IMO is requiring specifc hardware on LAN for cloud control, thats totolly bs in terms of fully fledged cloud, it's only a balloon if you ask me.

    Anyways I think this clarification is a good for consumers. We have the right to be informed the correct information. Cheers!
  • Alfonso
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    Hi @WebberIT

    Maybe the best world is not "manipulated", commissioned (and paid) is a better one.

    I miss Zyxel did not provide a link to the document, although it is easy to find.

  • CrazyTacos
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    Email reports not supported in Nebula is a major oversight for Tolly.
    Whether they were commissioned or not, thorough research is necessary or else they lose what credibility they have.