How do you think about APs of Nebula need to be able to set Web Proxy using on Enterprise env?

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Hi, everyone! I'm Yasuto Kaneko from Japan. This is my first time of writing down on this com.

I think APs of Nebula needs a function to be able to set Web Proxy from Enterprise environment to Inet.
Because Enterprise envs usually sets (Web) Proxy Servers on their sysytems, so APs are not able to set Web Proxy, APs must not access to Inet. If Firewall is not to allow a access from AP to Inet, then APs are not in usefull.

How do you about ?


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    Hi Yasuto_Kaneko , Welcome to our forum!
    Thanks for your feedback and yes indeed it will be unable to access internet under a web proxy environment. We did not implement web proxy settings for NAP for the reason that the target market for Nebula products are aimed at SMBs(small and medium businesses) which web proxy is less unlikely used for non-enterprise level networks.

    However this is a good suggestion and feature to have, we will consider this idea and evaluate this feature. We'll let you know if there is any updates. :)
  • SYK
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    Hi, Dean.

    Thanks a lot for the answer! I got it. I hope to put the function someday.
  • Zyxel_Dean
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    No problem! Feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome.

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