How can I monitor the total traffic on a station connecting to AP using syslog?

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Syslog does provide some information about station traffic.

Syslog records traffic information only when a station leaves the network.

This data includes details such as the station's MAC address, the AP it was connected to, signal strength, and the total download/upload bytes.

2023-12-01 14:31:24, info ,wlan-station info, STA left. MAC A0:A0:A0:A0:A0:A0:E1, AP:AP-B8ECA3XXXXXX, interface:wlan-2-1, SSID: ZyXEL, Signal: -128dBm, Download/Upload:3203594/190180 Bytes

However, syslog does not offer real-time traffic updates.

For real-time tracking, you might need to use SNMP or other methods.

For example, you can query specific OID to check device traffic, which typically updates every five minutes.

More details on this can be found at: