What Differentiates 'OK' from 'Override Setting' in AP Controller's Group Settings?

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In the AP Controller's AP Group settings, there's a distinct difference between "OK" and "Override Setting":

  1. Clicking “OK”:
    • This option is used for editing the AP Group settings profile.
    • When you choose “OK”, it only saves the changes made in the AP Group settings.
    • Importantly, this does not affect the individual "Override Settings" on each Access Point (AP). This means if an AP has specific individual settings, these settings remain unchanged, even if the group settings have been modified.
  2. Clicking “Override Setting”:
    • This option is used to enforce the AP Group settings on all member APs within the group.
    • When you select “Override Setting”, it will override the individual Override Settings on each AP in the group.

Taking “Overwrite Group VLAN Setting” as an example, this means regardless of individual VLAN settings of each AP, the group settings will be applied to each AP.

AP Group setting

Single AP setting

When you click "OK" , Single AP overwrite setting still keeps the original setting

When you click "override setting",AP overwrite setting will follow the AP Group setting

In summary, “OK” is used for editing and saving group settings without changing individual AP's Override Settings, whereas “Override Setting” is used to apply group settings to all member APs, overriding their individual settings.