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I would like to know if there is an updated version of the software available for my router. Please provide me with the link or instructions on how to download and install the latest software.

(Router: zyxel-vmg3925-b10b - Current Firmware Version:VMG3925-B10B_Elisa12_V513AARB10D0 Current WWAN Package Version: 1.16)

and I am curious why my router does not support wireless bridge mode. This mode would be beneficial for my current setup, and I would appreciate it if somebody can explain the technical reasons behind this limitation.

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    I use same device with same firmware as wireless bridge. Just configure DHCP/Router advertisements off and assign static ip to your device (For security, use private, non internet routable addresses). If you want to use WAN -port as fifth ethernet port, make WAN interface with type "ethernet" and mode "bridge". With these settings device doesn't become aware of itself having internet connection but other device's packages switch thru.

    On Elisa's (finnish) page ( https://elisa.fi/asiakaspalvelu/laitteet/zyxel-vmg3925/ ) It says that device's support has ended and there shouldn't be any new firmware.

    What comes to flashing stock Zyxel firmware to device with Elisa's firmware, i found this instructional video, which requires quite a bit of tinkering:

    I haven't tried this method.

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