How to register switch license for my switch?

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Zyxel switch, XGS4600 series, XS3800, and XS1930/XMG1930, can upgrade the switch capability by registering a switch license. This FAQ is going to guide you on how to register a switch license for your switch.

  1. Register your switch
    Please visit to register your switch first.
  2. Register the switch license and link it to your switch
    Please reference this FAQ:
  3. Access your switch and check its network settings
    Please login to your switch and check its IP settings. It must have Internet access before the next step. This means the switch must have a default gateway and DNS server setting. If not, you cannot upgrade the switch capability.
    a. Set default gateway and domain name server(DNS server) if the switch was set to a static IP address. b. Navigate to Maintenance > Diagnostic page to check if the switch can access the Internet.
  4. Upgrade the switch capability
    Please navigate to Maintenance > Service Register page and click the “Upgrade” button. The switch will sync with the cloud database for the device license status. Once the license status is synced, the service status will be changed to licensed.
  5. Manually reboot the switch and start using the unlocked function.

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