How to configure alert notification using MSP in Nebula?

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Configuring alert notifications using MSP (Managed Service Provider) in Nebula involves the steps below:

  1. Accessing MSP Alert Templates:
    - As an MSP administrator, you can configure MSP alert templates to monitor Nebula devices for unexpected events, such as devices going online or offline.
    - To access the MSP Alert Templates screen, navigate to MSP > MSP cross-org manage > Alert templates in the navigation panel​​.

  2. Configuring Alert Notifications:
    - Alert notifications can be sent via email to configured recipients or as in-app push notifications to site administrators logged into the Nebula Mobile app.
    - You have the option to send alert notifications by email, in-app push, or both, or disable alerts entirely.
    - You can specify the duration (in minutes) that the NCC (Nebula Control Center) waits before generating and sending an alert for various events like an access point or a switch going offline​​.

  3. Creating or Updating Alert Templates:
    - To set up which alerts are created and emailed, and to set the email addresses for alerts, go to MSP > MSP cross-org manage > Alert templates > Create.
    - The Smart Alert Engine of the NCC uses knowledge of network topology and cross-device functionality to generate alerts only for unexpected events, avoiding unnecessary emails and notifications​​.
    - When creating or updating an alert template, you can enter a descriptive name, provide more details, and enter the email addresses for alert notifications. Note that recipients belonging to Base organizations will not receive email alerts unless their account includes an MSP license. Generally, only organizations with an activated MSP license will receive email alerts​​.

This process allows MSP administrators to effectively monitor and manage alert notifications across multiple organizations and sites within the Nebula environment.