How to synchronize settings from one organization to another organization?

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To synchronize organization settings across different organizations, you can use the Cross-Org setting sync feature in Zyxel's MSP (Managed Service Provider) portal MSP > MSP cross-org manage > Cross-org synchronization.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. From Source Organization: Select the organization from which you want to copy the settings.
  2. Org. Setting: Choose the settings you want to copy. You can select specific settings or choose "All org-wide settings" to copy everything.

  3. To Destination Organization: Select the organization to which you want to copy the settings.

  4. Sync: Click this button to start the synchronization process, copying the selected settings from the source to the destination organization.

This process allows you to efficiently manage settings across multiple organizations, ensuring consistency and saving time​​.