How should I set PoE Timerange on Zyxel switch(V4.70 version)?

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Here are the tips about how to set the PoE Timerange on the Zyxel switch. 

1. Go to Advanced Application > Time Range, firstly, type in the name of the profile, and then choose which type you would prefer to use "Absolute" or "Periodic", after configuring remember to click the "Add" button.
Note: You may click the "Help" button in the upper right corner for detailed information.

2. After clicking the "Add" button, the profile will be listed in the bottom table.

3. Go to Basic Setting >PoE Setup > PoE Time Range Setup to apply the profile to a switch port.
Input which port you would like to apply the profile, click on the profile name, and then click "Apply" button.

4. On the mid center are the port list and time range profiles table where you can check if the profile is successfully applied.