NWD7605 - download speed drastically low compared to upload and drops

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Hi All,
I just recently bought a NWD7605 Wifi 6 ready dongle to take advantage of my 2.5gbps FTTH connection.
I installed the latest driver (dec 20th 2022) but I can't achieve good download speeds on any speedtest:
I only get a 60-80mbps DL (500mbps UL) average with the Wifi dongle. I'm only 4 meters away from the router, open space, 5ghz band, uncrowded channel.
I also have disconnections every 5 minutes or so (the wifi device disappears from the system for a few seconds).
On the contrary, I get an average of 400-500mbps DL when testing the wifi with various phones.
My motherboard is a ASRock H410M-ITX but performance wise is ok.
Tested multiple USB 2.0, 3.0 ports, direct into motherboard.
Windows 10.
All power savings options are to 0 or minimum.

Any kind suggestion?

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    What is the operating system version on your computers? I'm using 22H2, and it's not too bad. You can check the current signal and max rate on your laptop using the command 'netsh wlan show int.' Do you have another laptop? Trying it with another laptop or similar devices might help identify the reason.

  • rudyIta

    it's 22h2 too here.
    signal and max rate is 1200mbps so it's good in theory.
    Absurdly… an older laptop offers faster speeds.
    At this point I'm thinking it could be the motherboard…

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