How do I configure routing between local subnets?


I have a Zyxel DX3301 router connected to the internet which gives internet access to all connected devices on a default subnet.

I have an office 50 meters away where i have a NAS and cameras and other devices which I want to keep on a different subnet.

I want to extend my internet access to this outer office and route comms from my default subnet to that 88.0 subnet.

I've been trying to use various old routers (TPLink and Mikrotik) to act a a gateway/AP for the 88.0 subnet.

I have a cate 5e cable going from the DX3301 LAN 4 to the old router.

When I log into 88.0 network I can access the internet and all 88.0 connected devices. I can even access the DX3301 router on

The problem is that when I log into the 1.1 network I cannot access anything on the 88.0 subnet.

I have setup an interface group containing LAN4 that has a subnet with DHCP enabled. LAN4 has an IP of

There is no crossover with IPS address on the 88.0 subnet as the remote router is giving out IPs from a different range.

Do I need to configure an "Additional Subnet - IP Alias Setup"?

How do I configure the Routing between the subnets?


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    Maybe you can try to create an Additional Subnet or Static Route.

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