[NEBULA] Network discovery on a VLAN not working

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We have a Draytek router trunking VLAN2 to a GS1920-48 on port 47, with ports 41-46 being access ports with PVID=2. Devices on this VLAN cannot be discovered reliably. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be?

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    Hi @AM_CSS ,

    From your description, I assume your GS1920-48 is in cloud mode and managed on NCC.
    If you configure Type "Trunk" and PVID "2" on port 47, the traffic from VLAN 2 will be untagged out to your uplink router.

    As you mentioned, I think you wants the devices on ports 41~46 to communicate with your router(port 47) via VLAN 2.
    Therefore, you would need to configure Type "Trunk" and PVID "1"(or other VLAN, not VLAN 2) on port 47.
    It can let the traffic from VLAN 2 to be tagged out to your uplink router.

    Hope it helps.

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