Unable to configure VLAN

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Intention is to connect two locations using a VLAN that also secures communication within the VLAN. On two switches (GS1910-24, GS1900-24) I try to aggregate two links in order to increase the available bandwidth and next try to establish the VLAN on both switches. Two Synology boxes consume most of the bandwidth synchronizing each other.

On the GS1910-24 I set up the following static aggregation.

The VLAN setup is as follows:

The aggregated links reside on port 11/12, the local Synology connects to port 20.

On the GS1900-24 switch the aggregation is configures as shown below:

The issue is that the call of the Synology Web Interface times out. Currently I'm stuck and look for some "enlightment" pointing me into the right direction. Do you can lend a hand?



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