What to do when the smart mesh fails to build up?

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If you've unplugged the uplink from the "Repeater AP" but the smart mesh isn't building up successfully, resulting in the "Repeater AP" still being offline, here's what you can do:

  1. Check if setup and configurations are correct.

Make sure APs are provisioned using wired connection before deploying repeater APs into their actual positions. All APs must show configuration status is "Up to date" before deployment. Configure smart mesh for APs by 2 below methods:

  • Enable smart mesh for all APs in the site at: Access point > Configure > AP & port settings > General setting > Enable Smart mesh.
  • To enable smart mesh for per-APs in the site at: Access point > Monitor > Access point > AP information page > Status > Smart mesh.

2. Confirm the deployment of root and repeater location.

APs must be deployed in the signal covered area (recommended –70dBm or above) while uplink AP is within line-of-sight of repeater.

For more detailed information about smart mesh please refer to this article.

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