[Nebula] How to resolve the wireless packets drop?

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When your AP is encountering some packet transmission issues, it could be due to factors such as interference, weak signal or configuration settings. We recommend:

  1. Check for any physical obstructions or interference sources (microwaves, Bluetooth devices, or other Wi-Fi networks, etc.) near your device. You also can refer to this FAQ to check the wireless health status of AP.
  2. Fine-tune the deployment of AP's location. The client connects signal recommended –70dBm or above.
  3. Configuration settings

Go to Configure > Access points > Radio settings

  • Adjust the channel width to 20MHz for each radio to reduce co-channel interference.
  • Disable Avoid 5G DFS channel to prevent channel interference.
  • Increase your WLAN rate control for 2.4GHz to 5.5Mbps, while 5Ghz to 12Mbps. The higher rate is set, the shorter transmission period can be achieved because less airtime will be occupied by management frames.

Go to Monitor > Devices > Access points > Choose the AP > Storm control: Enable Broadcast Storm Control and Multicast Storm Control (if the AP supported)

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