How to handle the connectivity issues for certain wireless clients with some APs?

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You can fine-tune the wireless environment to improve connection by implementing the below configuration.

Navigate to Access point > Configure > Radio settings

Deployment selection and Maximum output power

Select the Deployment selection according to your number of APs or adjust your 2.4GHz radio power to 5dBm lower than your 5GHz radio at least 5dBm. It helps the client is easy to connect to 5GHz that less interference, and up to 25 channels are available and non-overlapped.

Channel width

Narrow channel width to minimize co-channel interference on each radio.

DCS setting

Do DCS setting to ensure the AP can have the best channel.

  • Enable DCS schedule to let AP choose better channel for the day
  • Disable "DCS client aware" to let the AP jump to the better channel when the DCS work and there are still clients connect to AP.
  • Disable "Avoid 5G DFS channel" to let the AP have more options to prevent channel interference.

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