How to solve Co-channel Interference by DCS?

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This article will introduce co-channel interference and DCS and show you the methods solve co-channel interference by DCS.
Co-Channel Interference Introduction
In Wi-Fi transmission, devices in the same channel need to take turns to transmit data. The more devices in the same channel, the longer time each device needs to wait. If two devices in the same channel send data at the same time, traffic will collide each other.

DCS introduction

DCS stands for Dynamic Channel Selection. DCS let the AP change the channel automatically to one that no other AP is using (or at least a channel that has a lower level of interference) in order to give the connected stations a minimum degree of interference. The AP can scan the area around it looking for the channel with the least amount of interference.


Solve Co-channel Interference on Nebula through DCS mechanism

Go to Configure >Access point > Radio settings > DCS setting


Channel Selection Method

•       DCS can be set to select channel automatically or use manual selected channels only

        •    User can select between ‘Three-channel Deployment’ or ‘Four-channel Deployment’ in ‘2.4G Channel Deployment’ option for 2.4G radio profile

        •    User can select not to use DFS channels by enabling ‘Avoid 5GHz DFS channel’ option for 5G radio profile

•       When channel selection method is ‘Manual, the available channels in list will change with different band mode, and country code. DCS will scan the channels which chosen.

DCS Modes

DCS can be set scan by interval or by schedule

•          By interval: Put the interval here

•          By schedule: Choose the Day and Time here


* Default DCS setting will be scheduled at 03:00 A.M. Low service impact to wireless users when channel scanning / switching

** When DCS is set by schedule, scan is only done at the specific week day and time

*** When ‘DCS client aware’ is enabled, the channel will not be changed after DCS scan when there are clients connected on this radio.

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