How to update AP SysName by Nebula?

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“SysName” is a value on each Device that can be queried by SNMP system. For our AP, the default value it is device’s model name, such as WAX620D-6E. Some of our customers use both NCC and SNMP server to monitor and manage their devices. However, in our pervious design, the device name on NCC is not synchronized with its SysName. So after users changing device’s name, they still need to use ZON or SNMP-SET to change each AP’s SysName one by one, which takes lots of time.

Topology and Scenario

Gateway --- Switch --- AP in Nebula Cloud mode


1. After user change the device name on the NCC, its SysName will be updated to the name as well.


1. Check on syslog server that received logs should label with configured name.

2. Two steps are undergone on NCC to verify device name:

Remove all unsupported characters from the device name

Check if the output of first 63 characters follow the rule.

After processed, if the output violates the rule, NCC won’t apply the device name as its SysName.


NCC will push the SysName to AP when all three criteria are met:

1. Device should be updated to v6.60 or newer version

2. Device name is modified after July 10th (Nebula 17.10 release)

3. Device name should follows the standard SysName rules:

Follow standard SysName format

  • [Hostname] or [Hostname.Domain name]

Device name is less than 64 characters

  • The first 63 characters will be considered as SysName

Only support English, Number and Hyphen (-)

  • “-“ should be in the middle of hostname and each sub-domain

Domain name should follow standard DNS structure

  • A.B.C.D