[Mobile Router] Steps to follow if 5G connection is not available

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In case there is no 5G connection with your 5G mobile router, consider the following steps:

  1. Firmware version: Refer to the Zyxel Download Library to know and upgrade to the latest firmware version for your router.
  2. SIM card capability: Contact your ISP to confirm 5G service availability with your SIM card.
  3. 5G signal availability: Check local 5G signal via nperf website. Select the appropriate Country, City/ province, District and Carrier (Operator). Alternatively, you can contact your ISP to confirm 5G signal availability in your region.
  4. Firmware Update: Make sure your device is updated with the latest firmware. To know the latest firmware version for the Nebula Mobile Router, please refer to this link.
  5. Network Settings: Examine your “Cellular band“ settings.

Path: Network Settings > Broadband > Cellular Band.

Ensure that the "Referred Access Technology" includes the “5G” option

The “Band Auto Selection” is enabled.

This setting allows the router to search for the best available band automatically.

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