The problem of not being able to access the router control page because the password is incorrect af

Hello, I am from Egypt. I have a router from the landline internet company WE, and my router is Zyxel VMG3625-T50B. I made the original firmware for the router from the Zyxel website and decrypted it from WE, but I cannot log in to the router’s control page. I tried the username and password that are in the paper at the back. The router did not work. I tried admin, 1234, and everything, but it did not work

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    What happens after a reset - using a pen pushing in the reset botton a few seconds ad then try with the original username from the label backside ?

  • It also tells me that the password is incorrect. Everything has been done. The company must put the username and password with the firmware.

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    A reset (press the recessed reset button for at least 5 seconds until the power LED starts blinking, then release it) should revert any password changes back to the factory settings, i.e. the password on the label (or 1234 for older Zyxel equipment). Account name (Username) is usually admin. Remember that username and password is most likely case sensitive.

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