DX3301, any way to set up bridged and routed WAN simultaneous over one VDSL2?

Can I set up two VDSL2 WAN connections in bridged and routed more over one VDSL2 connection with DX3301 modem and then for example assign routed WAN to two ethernet ports and bridged to the rest of two ethernet port? I have done a similar setup on Telewell and on older Zyxel P-870HN-51b modem and it was working fine.

I bought the DX3301, but could not get this setup to work. The routed mode connection works just fine, but when I connect a laptop into one of the ethernet ports grouped with the bridge WAN, I can't get internet connection. The laptop's NIC even gets the IP configuration from ISP 's DHCP, but NIC's status is "unidentified network".

The idea behind this setup was to have straight bridged access for my gaming PC so that I wouldn't have hassle with port mapping etc. every time I get a new game or use any other kind of software which requires port mappings behind a NAT.
Rest of my devices, including my work laptop, would be behind the routed WAN connection for added security and so that they would not hog all the 5 dynamic IPs my ISP leases for me.

So, going all bridged or all routed would definitely not be the ideal situation for me. I already contacted Zyxel's support, but they didn't think this setup would work and indeed it doesn't seem to. This is my last ditch effort to find out if it's even technically possible or should I just give up now, return the device to the retailer and go look for another brand.

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